Springtime in Phoenix

I have been on the road most of January and February.

This week at home I have been excited to catch up on work at home and get back in my fitness routine of yoga in the morning with Ellen and a bike ride in the afternoon.

I wake up at 5 am to work for 3-4 hours before yoga class.

After Yoga, Ellen and I grab breakfast at our favorite spot Otra. If you are in Phoenix, it is a must.

The LA fitness that is 100 yards from our home in Phoenix is filled with some colorful characters. My favorite is the Elvis impersonator that also lives in his white van in the parking lot. He works out as Elvis and waits for the bus to go places as Elvis, but I have yet to see him in my yoga class.

In today’s crowded yoga class I had to take a position at the front right corner of the room as it was crowded. An older woman came in late and set up shop right behind me which was fine until she decided to let go with a very loud fart as we moved from a plank to downward dog. I had no time to laugh and went straight into defensive triage mode by looking back at the rest of the class (and Ellen) to point at the old lady. It was too late… 30 women were shaking their head at me. I was fart profiled.

I am not sure there is a lesson in here, but welcome to my world.

I did get my bike ride in as well.

I treated myself to some new bike wheels and have my garage ready to go for springtime in Phoenix…

It was 70 degrees today and all week will be the same. Springtime in Phoenix is great.