Squawk Box if CNBC had BALLS!

If CNBC had any clue – they don’t – they would hire FLY to run Squawk Box. Bob Pisani would mysteriously disappear and Mark Haines would be retired early. Those two “reporter guys” would have morning cage fights in the distance.

Here is how the morning call should have gone today if my man FLY was in charge:

Sector Spotlight: Biotech
Due to recent stock market success, “The Fly” has decided to travel throughout Manhattan, in his stretch limousine (of course!), and flick quarters at people. Also, I bought my servant/trader a new hat and gloves. He is now required to wear white gloves, when opening the limousine door for me.

So far, today’s trading looks like cold vomit stew. The buyers must be out, buying new fur coats or some shit. And, the sellers are getting giddy– taking down almost every sector. Moreover, it’s worth noting, the Homebuilder and Steel stocks are getting “machine gunned.”

However, there are some pockets of strength, particularly in Gold and Biotech.

Personally, I fucking hate Biotech stocks. They are like little time bombs, waiting to blow your arms off– a la FDA denial. Seriously, one needs balls of titanium to play the sector in size.

The only drug stocks I own are DNA, FRX, GILD, GERN and PFE.

Finally, I despise the action in the Semi’s. I spit on them. Moreover, I made a mistake– covering my WFR short position yesterday. Nonetheless, I have faith in the asshole dip buyers ability to steam roll the sellers. Hence, I remain ridiculously bullish.

NOTE: On the back of great numbers, SINA is on fucking fire. Perhaps, the buying bonanza will spill over into PCNTF, SIFY, REDF, SOHU, TOMO and IIJI. Perhaps.

NOTE II: I feel something good will happen to MVIS soon. Call me a fucktarded asshat if you must, but I am putting my balls on the line here @ $3.36. It’s going higher.

The following Biotech/Drug stocks have mojo:

ALKS +8%
BDSI +7.8%
ACOR +5.9%
AFFX +5.5%
ACL +4.2%

Yes, it would be a short show, but it would make you money and leave time for Sports and Comedy Central and stuff you could sell ads against.

That’s how a network that gave a shit about reporting would do it. If they come to me to run FOX, FLY is my first hire. His servant comes next :) .

Not very hard.


  1. Mr Angry says:

    There would be some serious attention paid to financial pundits if there were more discussion like this.

  2. Trading Goddess says:

    I no longer use a fly swatter. Instead, I encourage more flies by not doing dishes or emptying the garbage.

    If only the world had more flies… sigh.

    I will console myself with my daily “Fly Fix” and hope the rest of Wall Street soon realizes what they are missing.

    Yes… flies are now mmmmmmm sexy!

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