Starbucks Wireless Religion…Will it Help?

I think this is good .

It’s about time that they got at least a touch smarter about wireless. In the end, I am wrong about Starbucks and have been wrong since my first buy at $26. With my average on a bigger position now in the low 20’s, I am scooting.

The other day I was in a Starbucks in a different part of town. It was one of those marginal ones, barfed out during the late stages of the real estate boom. I might as well have been drinking coffee in old Communist Russia.

I hope blowing it out tomorrow is the bottom for every other holder. It has happened before. Too many growth ideas in the private market for me to be messing around with a bad idea and I have major spring cleaning on the mind after working with Ellen on our closets at home all weekend.

Disclosure – Long Starbucks…till tomorrow


  1. dick costolo says:

    it’s over for starbucks. short starbucks, long The Coffee Shop.

    There may be a howard s. back in the saddle turn around play but as you say, too many other opportunities to putz around with that. Somewhere between the music CD’s, the pumpkin frappacino’s, and the grande pesto macchiato with a glazed donut, they lost their way.

  2. Howard Lindzon says:

    nah…lots of other easier battlefields. akamai is best of breed and i got lucky. shorting was easy for a month and will obviosuly get harder and require more patience going forward.

    it was just a trade

  3. Howard Lindzon says:

    correct dick. thx for chiming in. investing is so damn hard 90 percent of the time. you get a good momentum market and you forget that as I did and lose discipline. lucky for e its just one bad idea and easy to forget. if it went to $15 I would get so aggravated.

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