Starbucks…enough marked time?

I was having a coffee with Barry Ritholz last week and he joked that Starbucks is now opening stores inside their stores to fuel growth. It’s not quite that bad, but definitely a funny comment.

The iTunes/Starbucks deal was genius. The nerds and bloggers are whining about the expensive giveaway, but they would not know marketing or long-term thinking if it walked up and poked them in the eyes. They can’t get out of their pajamas to go to a normal job.

As is my style, I have used the 30 plus percent drop from all-time highs to buy some stock. It has continued to drift downward. I bought some more in the $26’s. As Fly says…WINTER IS COMING. It’s not cheap, but I never care about P/E anymore or valuations.

As I write here often, my all-time high buying is focused on the fastest of the fastest. With the older, big, baddest, beastiest of the brands, I prefer to buy 20-30 percent drops. International Game Technologies, Electronic Arts and Starbucks are the ones that have fit the bill this year for me. I have been amply rewarded in ERTS and IGT…Starbucks time may be upon us.

The New york Times interviewed Howard (the coffee one) this weekend for his take on the growth potential. My thoughts…it is a big world out there and Starbucks will be rewarded for their continued expansion. This brand is worth owning for the long-term down 30 percent plus from all-time highs.

Disclosure – Long ERTS, IGT and SBUX

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