Steve Job's Sick? Old News Now

Back on June 10th , I felt the Steve Job’s is sick news was being covered rather lightly after his appearance.

Now, the New York Times is on the bandwagon (July 26th), that’s bullish, and they are dragging Mr. Jobs through the media coals.

The news may still make you money, but I think the money off this news was made from the 11th, when it was just front blog gossip.

I would say Steve’s ‘Culture of Secrecy’ has rewarded shareholders pretty good the last 5 years.

Fannie Mae has not been so secretive and look at their stock!! Back in 2004, their CEO creep was outed and now his accomplice is the CEO . Nice work SEC. I would feel better if this was kept a secret based on the disgusting results of the outing.

Like Jerry Seinfeld says, there is ‘GOOD’ Naked and ‘BAD’ Naked. Same for secrecy. I trust Steve’s secrecy over Media’s outing abilities, so go Steve on this one.

The beautiful thing about the stock market is you can vote with your ownership of the stock.

That’s great. The discussion now…not so great.