Steve Nash is MVP, Dirk and Cuban MVW(iners)

If you missed the best NBA game in 10 years – find it on TIVO.

Double overtime, two of the best teams in NBA history in double overtime.

The difference was Nash. He keeps his head, Dirk loses his. It’s why Cuban likes Drk. They are rich and love to whine, cry and dine together.

That said, Dallas is deeeep. The East does not deserve to even be represented in the playoffs this year. The best 6 teams are in the West.


  1. Chris says:

    The west is clearly better but be careful. That was true in Baseball too (American League dominated all season) but the National League walked away as champions. I hate to say this in public but I am a Knick fan and root for the East! I can see Detroit winning it all in a short series (great defense).

  2. Chris says:

    By the way, I did see the game as I was waiting for Sportscenter to come on but Nash hit that damn 3-pointer to tie! Dallas blew-it as they had an 8 point lead with a few minutes left. My money would still be on Dallas in a 7 game series! I am long Dallas over the playoff chokers, I mean the Suns.

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