Stock and Market Research with A Social/Sharing Bent – Using Koyfin

I am having fun researching stocks right now using Koyfin. I never had a Bloomberg to use in my 18 years of running a hedge fund. It might have been the main reason following price/trend following made the most sense to me.

With Koyfin, access to fundamental data in a fast, easy to use product helps me build context as I look at hundreds of stocks. Rob is making research tutorials with me as well the first of which I am sharing today below on the semiconductor sector.

I love the social features now built into the ‘My Dashboard’.

I get asked all the time what stocks I watch and now I can share my main watchlist. My list constantly changes as stocks become interesting to me or drop off my radar, but if you copy my watchlist(s) to your dashboard it will always be up to date.

Click here to grab my main watchlist and get started.

Step 1: If you are logged in to Koyfin…click on ‘Follow’ to follow my watcxhlist:

Step 2: Howie’s Watchlist will show up in your menu. If I add or delete a stock it will automatically be shown in your watchlist

Looking over the shoulders of others is how we speed up our own learning. I think this feature and the ‘My Dashboard’ will be very popular. I am excited to see all the lists people create and share with friends.

Next up…

Last week I had Rob, the founder of Koyfin show me how to research the semiconductor stocks using Koyfin.

HERE IS THE VIDEO and it is embedded below:

I am thrilled that so many young investors now have access to the data and research toolsets that professionals have been using for decades.