The Stock Market in April 2014 – Burgers, Bandaids and Broken IPO’s

The title sums up today’s stock market.

We are in the midst of a technology boom, but it is burgers and bandaids that rule. Take a look at the charts of Mcdonalds ($MCD) and Johnson and Johnson ($JNJ):

Now let’s take a look at the current IPO market. Healtcare and Software – a no brainer right?…nope:

Here is a broken 3D printing IPO

The idea of an ETF for IPO’s is really smart and useful, but maybe just the timing was a signal to be careful. The ETF is down 14 percent in just the last 3 weeks:

The stock market is a wierd and whacky place. There is so much day to day noise and inside baseball, but great brands with great cash flow have an amazing tendency to outperform over the really really long term. It is not easy to stay with these brands through their tough times and the market tough times.

The burger business is boring at 10,000 feet, but maybe Mcdonald’s is gearing up to buy out every potential burger wannabe IPO like ‘Five Guys’ and ‘In n Out’. They are the Facebook and Twitter of the burger business but could be gobbled up with ease by Mcdonald’s.

Same with Johnson and Johnson. It might be a boring business of shampoo, baby oil and band-aids, but the stock market is rewarding them today for their cash flow while all the newcomer biotech stocks are being pummeled, leaving Johnson and Johnson the currency to pick amongst the rubble.

The headlines paint a picture, but there is much underneath the surface to geek out on for people like me and a community like Stocktwits.