The Stock Market for Shoes – Part 2 …and StockX

A couple weeks ago I wrote about my new fascination with the stock market for shoes.

When Max was here for Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun for him to come along to a meeting I set up with Josh Luber. Josh was introduced to me by my good friend Ryan Spoon.

Josh is the founder of StockX the ‘stock market for shoes’ which has evolved into his bigger vision of a ‘stock market for things’.

Like most great companies and brands, this is not an overnight success.

Take a watch of Josh’s Ted Talk on ‘Why Sneakers are a Great Investment‘:

Josh’s partner in the business is Dan Gilbert, billionaire owner of the Cleveland

How they got together and the rest of the story of how the company got to where they are today is fascinating and a reason for me to start a podcast or another video series so I can get him to tell the story again himself.

In the meantime, Josh is building a great brand and does a show called StockX TV which just dropped their 7th show today. It is high quality and worth watching to give you a look at how wide and deep the industry has become.

It’s also a reason why I remain long Nike and it is part of my 8-80 portfolio.

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