Stock Position Update…

One thing about trend following is this: It has allowed me the time to pursue business activities away from the computer during office hours. It has been rewarding to let positions just work themselves out and not worry about day to day blips.

I try not to talk too much about the smaller stocks I own because they are small and can have trend ending events overnight. BUT, in the spirit of disclosure, an update is due.

In May, I bought 3 stocks that I still own today. They were all close to being stopped out in the summer swoon and have all behaved differently but are still in the portfolio – RENT, EWM, PFWD.

A few weeks ago I added SIGM and posted that here. It is a technology/semiconductor stock and despite the awful semi space, this stock continues to soar. These are just 4 positions in a portfolio of many trending positions, but four that are standing out in MY CRAZY HEAD these days.

This market is offering lot’s of opportunities on the long side right now making just about everybody look smart.

Enjoy it – it never lasts.

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  1. Mike says:

    Yes, it never lasts is correct. With a double top in the DOW, I think after next Tuesday the market will take a turn for the worst. I think this bull market is way overcooked and done.

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