Stocks are Not Risky …This Time is Different (TTID)…Leverage and Chill

I am starting a new ETF called ‘Leverage and Chill’.

It seems like a no brainer…

Remember the good old days when Lehman went bankrupt?

I do.

Here is what the bank stocks have done since that glorious day:

I wonder who will be the first to say stocks are no longer risky. Actually, I just said it.

The evidence is overwhelming that stock investing is easy. The year 2017 has seen the lowest drawdown ever for S&P:

Now don’t get me going on China. Look at Tencent the creator of WeChat:

Tencent is having lots of billion dollar financial babies (I’ve been long Tencent for a while).

I hope you are enjoying this GLOBAL magical rally in stocks. Now that Russia has gone positive, EVERY country ETF in the world is up in 2017 with an average return of 21.4 percent.

TTID (This Time It’s Different)!