Stocktoberfest 2015 – Investing for Profit and Joy – Powered by Amazon Web Services

I am so excited to be live with plans for Stocktoberfest 2015 – October 18-20, 2015.

This year we will be upgrading once again to the amazing Del Hotel for the full event.

Here is the website with the first run of early bird tickets.

I am really proud that the show will not just be led by team Stocktwits and my partners at Social Leverage, but powered by Amazon Web Services. I have been friends with Dave Schappell and Scott Mullins (of AWS) for a while now and after attending the last few shows, they decided to take the lead sponsorship in support of the event.

I asked Scott why they are excited to be part of this event:

Why is AWS sponsoring Stocktoberfest? I’m glad you asked! Investment in FinTech is exploding, with Accenture reporting 3x growth between 2013-2014 from $4B to over $12B. Partnering with StockTwits to serve as an anchor sponsor of Stocktoberfest further positions AWS as the platform of choice for hot FinTech startups, and furthers our relationships with companies in the startup phase and large enterprises that are both investing/purchasing FinTech startups, or who are looking to emulate their agility and innovation in their own operations.

Entering its 4th year, Stocktoberfest is an annual FinTech conference that was created and is curated by StockTwits and its founder, Howard Lindzon. As investment in the FinTech space has exploded, so too have the number of events/conferences that focus on FinTech topics; however, many of these events do not provide compelling thought leadership, content, or networking opportunities. Stocktoberfest has proven to be a notable exception to the recent trend of “hot industry topic”, stale conference/content – in large part due to Howard’s ability to curate content and the unparalleled networking environment created by Howard’s network, and the conference’s location and format. Attendee feedback on prior Stocktoberfest conferences has been positive, with high marks for content and networking (2012, 2013, 2014, 2014-2) and YoY growth in both attendance, program, and sponsorship. Following Stocktoberfest 2014, Josh Maher, an angel investor and President of Seattle Angel wrote:

“I think Howard and the StockTwits team is just scratching the surface of these conferences. This is really the cutting edge of modern finance unfolding before the eyes of all the attendees.

Obviously we are proud of Stocktwits, the power of Social Leverage and this event.

This year there will be room for 30 of the best fintech/finmobile startups (including the founders of Robinhood, PsychSignal and TickerTags) to present their products as well as two days of amazing content from leaders in the Banking Industry, Bond Markets, trading education (Jack Schwager), Media (Ross Levinsohn) and analyst (Rob Peck – Suntrust). Many of our long respected friends in the Stocktwits community including JC Parets (All Star Charts), Josh Brown, Chris Kimble, Jon Boorman, Tadas (Abnormal Returns), Ivanhoff and Eddy Elfenbein will be sharing their strategies and insights.

Other special guests speaking will be Raoul Pal, creator of RealVision TV and author of the awesome Global Macro Investor…as well as Micheal Parekh who led Goldman Sachs Internet Research business. You can’t imagine how much wisdom they will provide.

This year we are inviting students from all the local business schools to be in attendance and get a feel for the future of the financial web.

Get yourself signed up and help us spread the word.

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  1. JRW Pickens says:

    Wow! Based on the numbers of comments it looks like an overwhelming success! LOL! Still the same old Howard – the biggest hypocrite around. Hates Twitter, says it’s a joke and will never make money but continues to use it to promote his Stockshits site. Total fucking clown!

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