Stocktoberfest 2016 – October 13-15 on Coronado, San Diego at the Amazing Hotel Del Coronado

Stocktoberfest 5 is finally on the calendar. Come join team Stocktwits and I on October 13-15 at The Del Hotel on Coronado.

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The site is live and you can get your tickets today.

This year ‘The Alpha Pages’ will be a key partner in organizing and managing the event. Jeff Joseph is founder and chairman of The Alpha Pages – a print & digital new media firm focused on the capital markets, business, finance and the economy. Properties included, the most visited hedge fund news site and the award-winning MODERN TRADER magazine—the essential monthly journal for professional traders & active investors.

Our focus continues to be helping our attendees and community ‘Invest for Profit and Joy. We want to help our community find the tools, mentors, ideas and processes while helping create their ‘social ‘pelotons’ to be the best investors they can be. Over 500 traders, investors, leaders from the brokerage and asset management industries and fintech founders will be be in attendance to network and participate.

Yesterday I wrote about the great opportunities today for ‘active investors’ and that is a lead topic of our 2016 event. Our speakers will drill down on the opportunities.

In addition, ‘social signal’ has become a buzzword around Wall Street and global trading desks. Stocktwits new CEO Ian Rosen just penned this post on the subject. I especially want to focus on this part:

“…[social] feeds are like table stakes right now; Most hedge funds need to have it.” Santo Politi of Spark Capital

In just a few years, data from social conversation — as qualitative a measure in its raw form as any — went from a novelty to “must have” for funds that rely on obtaining an accurate view of the world. The crowdsourcing of information, usually implied in price movements, has been effectively extracted and isolated as a leading indicator.

At the root of all markets are people, and to understand what’s going to happen with prices is to understand how people, and the machines they guide, make decisions. This is why the intelligence underneath social investing platforms is so important.

I am always open to speaker and content suggestions so feel free to reach out.

I am still filling in parts of the 2 day event and working with sponsors so you can keep checking back at the site over the next few weeks as we finalize.

See you in October.

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