Stocktoberfest…Flying Stocks but No Flying Cars

Every year I say this will be the last Stocktoberfest.

It’s not because of my bladder leakage which is now under control thanks to Depends (testing out sponsored content).

This year was on and off for a long time.

When Ian started as CEO of Stocktwits he asked me to make it happen one more time so here we are.

Josh Brown captured the spirit of the event back in 2014. I am thrilled that he will be a keynote speaker at the event this year and chip in on some hosting.

I have been wondering if we have a ‘bubble’ in Fintech and am excited to sit with Savneet Singh a friend and founder to discuss his controversial post entitled ‘Why Fintech is the Worst‘.

I have been fascinated with the connection between private and public markets and at Stocktoberfest we continue to dive into the signals in private markets that may lead to alpha in the public markets. This year I am extra excited to interview Naval Ravikant, the founder of Angel List.

Heading into the event this year we have flying stocks, but no flying cars (Facebook did unveil a whole ‘new tab’ in their Facebook app dedicated to buying used stuff from your friends).

Will we get flying cars before we get the next bear market…come and find out.