Stocktoberfest – How to Invest for Profit and Joy as the Boom Continues

The glass is half full in my world…despite the mainstream media, net neutrality, Ebola and negative interest rates, I pop out of bed every morning to invest.

The internet is industrial, energy is ‘tilting to the power grid‘, the ‘personal cloud‘ is coming, the enterprise is getting ready to spend and hire, ‘fashology‘ is now more fashion than technology, crowdfunding is not a fad, driverless cars and the ‘pivot to passive‘ are a reality and the super rich want to live forever and sleep on demand (biotech is booming because nature is a bitch).

With all this on my mind, it’s a great time for Stocktoberfest and it starts this Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to hosting over 300 people on Coronado (October 26-28).

Investing for ‘profit and joy’ is a concept I believe in completely. From the granular trade to the biggest picture of the world…from a crowdsourced angel investment to buying one share of Google on your mobile phone, investing is ‘the’ second language that everyone can and should learn. It’s universal.

Stocktoberfest is packed with amazing speakers. Here is a link to the schedule. If you click the ‘green ‘breakout’ button you will see the schedules for the two theatres as well.

Josh Brown is helping me host. He’s adorable, funny and thinner than he looks on CNBC.

We kick off the speakers and keynotes Monday morning with Jack Schwager the author of Trading Wizards. He has interviewed all the great traders and hedge fund managers around the world. My pal Barry Ritholtz just interviewed him for Bloomberg radio and it is a great listen. Jack is investing like the rest of us so I will be focused on how he allocates his time and money.

Bill Gurtin is back for a three-peat to discuss the bond market and interest rates. Bill manages over $9 billion and because the bond market dwarfs the stock market, we should all understand how it works and how to invest in a low interest rate and eventual rising interest rate world.

On the investing side, we will cover everything from psychology to trend investing and technical analysis (or what I call ‘Chart Art’).

The CEO’s of the most interesting venture backed financial startups will be speaking including Hardeep Walia of Motif, Baiju and Vlad the co-founders of Robinhood and Adam Nash of Wealthfront.

Ameritrade, Etrade and eSignal are represented well at Stocktoberfest. They will all be showcasing some fantastic products and data.

Finding and organizing the financial data of public and private companies is easier than ever with YCharts and DataFox. Both CEO’s will be showcasing their latest products and how to use them to invest smarter.

Alex Bard and Michael Katz will be talking with me about how they invest after they sold their companies in the hundreds of millions.

Mick Farrell, CEO of Resmed ($RMD and $6 billion market capitalization), will be talking with me about my nemesis…sleep. Specifically, your sleep and medical data in the cloud.

I am also excited for a fireside chat with Ross Levinsohn, who has led Yahoo and held top positions at HBO and News Corp. Ross knows media and will share some great stories and ideas.

Of course, I will also be talking about the future of Stocktwits, asking everyone to share their favorite investment ideas and discussing the catalysts that could make them work.

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