Stocktoberfest…Many Thanks…and The Recap

It has been a magical few days for our community and ecosystem. One goal was to bring attention to how all the markets work together from angel investing and Venture Capital to Municipal bonds and stocks.

My big takeaways:

1. Common Sense – a big pet peeve of mine – ruled the day. When Josh Brown was asked about High Frequencey Traders he responded with ‘The way to beat HFT’s is with LOW Frequencey Trading.’

2. Hedge Funds are positioned for the end of the world and entrepreneurs and angel investors for the beginning of the world. The ‘risk truth’ lies somewhere in the middle of the two strategies until this changes.

3. $AAPL is priced for the end of the world and $AMZN the beginning….maybe the market knows something…

4. Looking at ratios and correlation analysis to find trends and ideas. My friend JC Parets, one of just 1,000 CMT’s opened my eyes to an extra layer of work I want to do at least monthly if not weekly. Here is his presentation.

5. Almost every American is willing to invest capital in the right startups. We can all do a much better job in getting Americans access to great entrepreneurs, ideas and products.

6. Diversification is an oversold strategy and misunderstood by the Average investor.

7. The Community is key. Getting executives, entrepreneurs, investors and traders together from all aspects of the markets to begin to understand each other’s strategies and tactics is a great way to raise the appreciation levels of all market participants.

The Stocktwits API unveiling with partners was an important part of the event for our Company and team. Estimize and Trade Ideas are already using our API and gave wonderful demo’s of the products working together in action. We also had the launching of the excellent ChartIQ ipad app with full Stocktwits integration and Ycharts amazing charting and visualization products that are now Stocktwits ‘share’ enabled.

There are many great wrap-up posts of Stocktoberfest. Here is one from Eli Radke , another from Brian Lund – ‘Check your ego at the Door’ , notes from Gordon Bowman and Derek Hernquist talks about ‘A Path to Success‘.

My favorite photo of the venue so far is from our CTO Chris (click to enlarge)…

I will be posting a lot more photos AND the video from all the speakers later this week. Mark your right now for October 23rd and 24th of October of 2013 ….next year’s Stocktoberfest.

UPDATE – Emily at Pando Daily covered the event and had this wonderful writeup.


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