Stocktoberfest – The Lineup …Early Bird Special Ends This Weekend

We have been putting together the Stocktoberfest lineup and a first draft of the content and speakers are below. There are a few holes being filled with CEO’s of Public Companies and topical guests, but for the most part you will get a good flavor for the two days. Everyone from people just learning about markets to Hedge Fund Managers and Family Offices will be in attendance. We have tailored the two days so that all levels of market enthusiasts get value from each speaker, panel and interactive discussion. The theatre on Coronado is perfectly suited to the event we have planned.

We have phenomenal sponsors including – Silicon Valley Bank, San Diego Tribune, CME Group, Ycharts, Trade Ideas, Likefolio, DittoTrade, Comerica and CNN Money.

Opening Keynote – The Future is Messy – That is How You Make Money!

Big Trends – The Quantified Self Movement

– Nike, UnderArmor, Fossil, Google, Samsung, Apple, Movado…this trend runs wide and deep. I like to call it Fasholgy and it’s bleeding into all parts of our lives.

Bill Geiser – Metawatch – Bill was a senior executive in product at Fossil before founding Metawatch. Bill will cover topics including ‘The Glance Economy’ -and speculate on the winners in the private and public markets.

MetaWatch is a privately-held company focusing on reinventing the watch as a stylish and relevant mobile accessory. MetaWatch is based in Dallas, Texas and has an R&D facility in Espoo, Finland.

Jeff Hyman – – The Future of Weight Loss – Data Driven Weight Loss

The Obesity Era is upon us and it’s a global problem. Billions are at stake along with our health. There are so many public companies and creative startups focused on this space which we will discuss.

Catching Trends – The power of the Stocktwits50 – Howard and Ivan

Marketing Automation – Speakers to be Announced – How Social and Global has changed Marketing at Enterprise Level – public company leaders include $MKTG and $MKTO

Smart Phones..Smart Homes – Home Awesomation – Mobile phones and equipment that talks to itself (The Internet of Things) is a buzzword of 2013 and will explode in 2014. Revolv founder and CEO Tim Enwall discusses the industry trends

JC Parets – Shaping Investment Ideas using Relative Market Signals and Attacking the Global Markets

Daniel Nadler – Kensho Finance – The Future of Financial Research – ‘Bloomberg in the Cloud’

Chris Kimble – Chart Art and The Power of Patterns – Kimble is a money maker and I watch him do it day in and day out. You will love his approach and tactics.

Panel Discussion – Humans are better than computers at pattern recognition

Paul Simons – Ditto Trade – The Emergence of Social Trading – How to Use Dittotrade as both a Lead Trader or a Follower

Andy Swan – ‘Likefolio’ – Great Products and Brands can Trump Bad Markets – ‘Connecting the Dots on the Social Web to Ride Big Product Trends’

Open Discussion – What are the markets whispering? – tools of the trade – new and old

Bill Gurtin – The Year Ahead in Bonds – Fireside Chat. Bill nailed a big bond move this year and was ahead of the curve last year discussing it at Stocktoberfest. We invited him back to educate and discuss the future.

Robert Peck (Head Internet Analyst at SunTrust) – How Wall Street is Changing as the Fintech industry grows

Dan Mirkin – Trade-Ideas – Designing Strategies and Bringing Predictability to Your Trading Plan

Shawn Carpenter – YCharts – Building a Financial Terminal for The Web

Mike Bellafiore – SMB Capital – discussing:

1) The Future of Prop Trading- Multi-product, Multi-market Discretionary Quant Trader
2) The Importance of College Trader Training (From where is the future trading talent going to come?)
3) How Real Pros are executing on the Unlit Markets (Becoming Expert in Dark Pools and the Unlit Market)
4) Trade Strategies that are working

Todd Sullivan – Finding and Owning Value in Stocks and Markets

Steven Place – Making Money With Options

Interview with James Koutoulos – Subjects include – High Frequency Trading, ETF Arbitrage, and What Went Wrong at MF Global

Greg Harmon – Dragonfly Capital – Top Down Technical Strategies for Any Market

Kristin Bentz and Joseph Brusuelas, Chief Economist at BLoomberg L.P. – Retail and The Economy…connecting the dots.

Frank Lortscher – Array Analytics – What is Big Data and How it is being used to Manage Money and Generate Alpha

Finally – Throughout the two days we we will have ten amazing startups in financial web space pitch their products to be voted on by a panel of product experts and analysts in the financial space.

I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. pointsnfigures says:

    I am excited to be there. One of my VC partners in West Loop Ventures, James Koutoulas speaking, one of my startups, Ycharts presenting, and an HPA company, Retrofitme presenting. It’s worth the trip just to see Shawn, Jeff Hyman, and James.

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