Stocktoberfest Week in New York

It’s a big week in New York for Stocktwits Stocktoberfest East is back on Wednesday.

The event has been sold out for a few weeks and I saw today that Ian and team decided to stream the whole event live on Facebook.

I am personally excited to be able to mingle and listen most of the day instead of being on stage.

I will be doing my regular ‘state of the markets’ at 9 am after Ian kicks off the event, leading a fintech VC panel and interviewing Brian Norgard who leads product and revenue for Tinder ($MTCH).

I will also be ending the day fireside chatting with Barry Silbert who created and leads the Digital Currency Group. Barry has been bullish on Bitcoin and the Blockchain since before it was cool.

I have a bazillion questions for him.

Getting in the Bitcoin mood I thought this was a great piece titled’ The Bullish Case for Bitcoin‘. In honor of Stocktoberfest, Bitcoin has stopped going down.

Despite the high cholesterol, age spots and bad back life is pretty good.

This post from Scott Galloway titled ‘Happiness and the Gorilla‘ had me nodding my head a lot…

Then, in your 50s (earlier if you’re soulful) you begin to register all the wonderful blessings that are everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Beautiful beings that look and smell like you (children). Water that turns into waves you can ride and other wonders of nature. The ability to deliver some sort of sweat or intelligence that people will pay you for, that you can then support your family with. The chance to travel across the surface of the atmosphere at the near speed of sound so you can see amazing things extraordinary people built. And when tragedy strikes, many times the tragedy is beaten back by our best ideas: science. You recognize your time here is limited, start smelling the roses, and begin affording yourself the happiness you deserve.

Have a great week.

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