Stocktoberfest Year 2 – October 27 and 28, 2014…Now Sold Out!

Stocktoberfest 2014 on Coronado is sold out. I want to thank the 300 people that are coming to San Diego to participate in this amazing event.

Here is the schedule for the two day event that includes some of the best (and my favorite…) traders, investors, technicians, RIA’s, financial writers, and fintech entrepreneurs on the planet.

The show will open with Jack Schwager – the creator of ‘Trading Wizards’who has interviwed the best traders on the planet all around the globe.

To see the speaker list, head over to the main site.

The sponsors have allowed us to continue to grow. Next year though we will add a show in Las Vegas as there seems to be demand for at least 1,000 people in the right location.

The keynote sponsors include:

MOTIF Investing, led by Hardeep Walia, who will be demonstrating their newest product upgrades and chat with me about the landscape for financial technology entrepreneurs and the angle of attack he has approached financial disruption.

TD Ameritrade has fantastic products. They never rest.

It’s not enough for brokers just to “participate in the social dialogue.” Social media is disrupting the way that humans consume news. Which is disrupting the way that brokers buy content. It’s disrupting the way that investors research a trade. Which is disrupting the way that brokers deliver solutions to a “socially active” base. Learn more about the evolution of social: past, present…but most importantly…future.

OurCrowd has exploded out of Israel with a very unique way for investors to participate in the crowdfunding of early stage Israeli technology companies.

Audrey Jacobs will lead a discussion that includes the President of Prosper, Ron Suber. In it, they will discuss:

The democratization of finance is upon us thanks to equity crowdfunding (ECF) and how ECF aggregates capital and points it at an asset class that retail investors have never been able to get access to before.

Of course, you will leave the conference with amazing ideas for making money.

Last year it was $GOOG and $MSFT that I was purchasing from presentations made at the conference.

The year before it was $ECPG (Encore Capital) and $BOFI (Bank of the Internet) that exploded after management sat with us to talk about their business trends.

This year it might be sleep and data as the CEO of Resmed $RMD joins us for a fireside chat.

No matter the ideas, the social network we are building is the best asset any investor or trader can add to the arsenal and I can guarantee this #stocktoberfest will deliver on that promise.