StockTwits and Earnings: Smarter, Faster, Deeper

StockTwits and Earnings: Smarter, Faster, Deeper

The StockTwits stream continues to make me smarter. The real-time nature of the stream works well for active traders who are looking to trade off news and with earnings season approaching, traders count on receiving, digesting and acting on information fast.

We often hear that news is broken on StockTwits faster than any other media outlet, and frankly I’m not surprised – with StockTwits, ideas are shared in real-time, without delay, regardless of message volume, time of day or message source.

People are starting to realize this, as are companies like Hewlett Packard, who now report their quarterly earnings first on StockTwits before the wires. Additionally, firms like Street Insider are sharing excellent excellent free insights, albeit delayed.

We’ve recently added 2 products to the StockTwits Marketplace, Selerity and The Fly On The Wall, that can give traders an additional edge.  These products give active traders a leg up as they are able to access crucial data in their stream as soon as its available to the market.

The Fly On The Wall will also give you commentary circulating around trading desks regarding market moving events and chatter.  Selerity will also provide you with all the data around earnings you need as well as pertinent economic numbers the second they are released.

Get the news straight from the source first by following verified companies on StockTwits, use the premium news streams to get the details right in your stream, and find the guys you trust on StockTwits to give you insight into that data.


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