Stocktwits and Robinhood – Teamed up to Provide Social Trading to the Stocktwits Community

I love when a plan comes together. Sometimes they do take an extra SEVEN years.

When I started Stocktwits in 2008, I would walk into Etrade executive offices with my friend Roger Ehrenberg (also an investor) to pitch the social trading opportunity. I gave up after a few years. The brokerages like to wall in their clients. You can’t force them to change, but you can keep poking at them while building your business and we have just focused on growing our community.

I have never given up on the original vision for building Stocktwits.

Today, Stocktwits and Robinhood have partnered on an integration to bring ZERO Cost, ONE Swipe trading and investing to the Stocktwits iOS app.

The best screenshots on the flow are over on THE STOCKTWITS BLOG.

Here is how it looks if you the latest (available this morning) Stocktwits iOS app and Robinhood iOS (the rest of the platforms coming soon including desktop):


A simple swipe and the Robinhood order screen will appear. You also see which stocks on your watchlist you own and how many shares. All real-time.

The most exciting piece of this integration is the ability to share your verified trades on StockTwits. Once you have placed a trade through Robinhood, you will receive a notification about it in your StockTwits app. If you tap that notification, you will be prompted to share your verified trade with the community. Be sure to tell everyone why you made it!

We are very excited for this feature and can’t wait to track the first viral trades.

Over on the Robinhood blog they discuss the partnership as well:

*Trading is finally social

*With Stocktwits, this rings especially true — investors can feel the pulse of the market, join in on the conversation, and
use the power of the crowd to make investment decisions

*For the first time, StockTwits is actionable — similar to how buyable pins made Pinterest actionable

I will be sharing all my trades as usual on Stocktwits streams but now I can share them in a verified way in real time.

A whole new generation of investors can look over my shoulder and those of other people in the community that are willing to share.


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