Stocktwits and The Nasdaq…Bringing Data to the Stocktwits Community

This morning Stocktwits is happy to announce a campaign with The Nasdaq called ‘Data Junkies’. The Nasdaq is a public company $NDAQ and is the original real time data company.

Over the next 30-60 days there will be lot’s of cool new partnership features being rolled out by Stocktwits and The Nasdaq.

Over our first 7 months we have learned a great deal at Stocktwits. Stocktwits contributors are not shy. They post and post often. On a daily basis, there are over 1,000 unique contributors and 8,000 tweets. The community is passionate for real-time in all its manifestations: real-time quotes, real-time data, analysis, and real-time stock commentary from other active traders and investors. Having access to real time data will continue to push the community and hopefully provide more value.

If you follow @datajunkies on Twitter you can:

• DM @DataJunkies for real-time quotes!
• See real-time NASDAQ stock quotes streamed by @DataJunkies to StockTwits
• Participate in StockCamp at NASDAQ MarketSite – a half-day long learning event for traders
• Gain access to trading tools, gear and other Data Junkies premium items

Coming late August, some of us will head down to the Nasdaq and ring the closing bell.

The Stocktwits team is still small and we thrive on your enthusiasm and ideas for features. The one thing I know, is that I don’t have all the answers. I hope you keep sharing ideas that will improve the site. The Nasdaq is now listening too.


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