StockTwits for Investor Relations: Claim Your Ticker Today

We have been adding features to our StockTwits for Investor Relations Services which makes it a compelling choice for real time IR communications.

You can claim your ticker HERE or email us directly at [email protected] to schedule a time to discuss StockTwits IR by phone.

Check out what, Chris Bullock, our VP, Corporate Solutions has to say in this introductory video:

Features of StockTwits for Investor Relations include:

1. Social Media Distribution – Send a message to multiple social networks with one click simultaneously to StockTwits, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

2. Broad Media Distribution – Gain exposure across our wide network of content partners including Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, CNN Money, Bing Finance and more.

3. Prominent Messaging – Leverage premium message placement on your company’s verified ticker page.

4. Targeted Audience – Get your message in front of the largest online network of long-term investors, hedge funds managers, professional traders and independent day traders.

5. Verified Account – Give the investor community confidence they are consuming trusted official company information.

We are very excited about the potential of StockTwits for Investor Relations.  We have a powerful and uniques story to tell around social media distribution, real time disclosure and IR-specific analytics.  This latest feature set is only the first step in a series of updates to come.



  1. Anonymous says:

    The “HERE” link in the body of text is broken. Aside from that though, I love the idea of companies being able to claim their page on the platform.

  2. Anonymous says:

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