Stocktwits Goes To 1,000 …And Some Design Updates

Yesterday, Stocktwits released a bunch of updates across the apps and web. The iOS and Android app got some redesigns with the focus on speed.

The biggest new feature was the move from 140 characters to 1,000 characters for messaging. For years the idea of longer form messaging has been debated. From the early feedback, we should never have debated it as our users are loving it.

As an example of a good use case I asked for some fresh ideas and because of the new character count. I received some great new ideas because people could express themselves better . Have a look.

One thing I have done from the day we first launched Stocktwits is ‘welcome’ as many people as possible that follow me. I like to say ‘welcome aboard’. I grew up in the era of ‘Cheers’ and I loved how Sam Malone, Coach and Woody would welcome people to the bar. Is that scalable? no. I like to tell founders in our portfolio that not every user/customer interaction has to scale.

Almost 100 percent of the time I get a nice response. At worst I get no response. Many times I get useful feedback that Stocktwits might not have got otherwise: