Stocktwits Interview… with Charles Kirk

Charles is a godfather of financial blogging for sure. He writes at The Kirk Report.

We have a nice conversation about trading, life and the internet. Hope you enjoy.


  1. jworthy says:

    Hi Howard,
    Great interview. Very interesting to see you compare your ideal Stocktwits to a 5 star Hotel. I think this is implicit of a greater trend for personalization, in terms of personalized experience and personalized media/multi-media information intake. You also touched on personalized medicine in an earlier interview.

    I think Kirk effectively compliments this when he talks about how he likes his personal PC set-up, even when traveling (c. 19min)

    Thanks again for sharing this great knowledge.


    PS This is a great 3 minute TED talk about redesigning the math curriculum to focus on risk management, you might be interested.

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