Stocktwits…The Irreverence is Strong… and a Trigger Finance Partnership

Team Stocktwits has really pushed hard this year. The team is growing fast, they have new offices in Manhattan and user growth is strong. I am really happy that Ian Rosen our CEO has been able to push the Stocktwits original content envelope on our irreverent and sometimes silly look at the markets.

Opinion is easy…educating and building community is hard. I am excited that the message continues to resonate.

Young people (under 35) are the fastest growing portion of our new users. Every day we set new highs in the amount of trades people place through Stocktwits on Robinhood and now Etrade and TD Ameritrade.

The daily Stocktwits curated content is on point, sharing data, ideas and spotlighting the best people with some laughs as well through our @stocktwits handles on Twitter and Stocktwits. You can follow the Stocktwits blog which is turning out great daily content.

The ‘Stocktwits Daily Rip‘ email continues to get rave reviews from beginners and veterans. Yesterday , Frank at Array, a data partner of Stocktwits sent me this:

Quick note to say how impressed I am by the content you guys have generated since you started this email. It’s got a real voice and real information that creates real engagement. That is no small feet on a daily basis. Congrats.

You can sign up for the daily email here (CLICK)

I have seen the pipeline of new product and it is exciting.

Yesterday, Stocktwits announced a partnership and integration with Trigger Finance. Together with Trigger you can now get updates from your favorites Stocktwits people when they talk about a certain stock or market event. Here are more details.

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