Stocktwits Launches Advanced Search

Come rain or shine, the Stocktwits community shares over 200,000 messages per day. That includes charts, news, trade ideas, and yes — lots of memes. With that many messages, it can be hard to look back in time to see your best posts about your favorite stocks from months or even years ago.

Today, that changed as Stocktwits has launched Advanced search.

This is the killer feature I have been begging for which will give users the ability to quickly search their timelines for past mentions of tickers and quickly search other users timelines to see if they might be worth a follow and some extra conversation. This is all made possible with amazing open source software like Elastic (I own the stock – $ESTC), which was up 10 percent on the news (just a coincidence I am sure). I imagine this search feature and functionality will only get more powerful.

I am excited to see all the different ways the community grows now that it can do more meaningful research, discover talented people and find fresh ideas.

If you are serious about creating a financial journal (which is the best way to become a better investor), there has NEVER been a better time to get started on Stocktwits.

Here is a quick primer on how to use it.