StockTwits Launches New Blog and Subscription Model

It’s not just about 140 characters at Stocktwits or ANYWHERE on the web.

I believe that great short form writers can make great long form writers and people don’t just want headlines and ideas and links in the financial world, love them as they do, but some meat and potatoes to go along with the ideas.

Today at Stocktwits we are launching our new blog and our plans for expansion using the great WordPress platform . I am so excited to have Brian Shannon and Upside Trader as our first premium writers. More special is the fact that they are investors in Stocktwits as well and are so enthusiastic about the community.

They make money for their readers and pretty much that’s all that matters. The fact that they love social media and the new tools of the web and we can give them all that on WordPress just makes it better.

We are a ‘farm system’ because NOBODY has ‘THE’ system for making money. Twitter/Stocktwits is almost the perfect ‘Farm System’ for financial minds and we want to be the place that drives traffic to the most deserving traders/investors. So keep the ideas flowing and if you want to be part of the bigger writing platform just @ppearlman @sorenmacbeth or @howardlindzon us and tell us what you have in mind.

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