Stocktwits Passes 80,000 Followers and Hedge Funds Begin to Embrace Twitter

It makes sense that hedge funds and algorithmic traders are finally beginning to embrace Twitter . I am not excited for much of what will be created early, but great datat can be had and great algorithms and programs will be created.

I believe Stocktwits goal of becoming ‘The Social Bloomberg’ is ambitious, fun and closer to a reality every day as traders build on top of the technology tools at their fingertips today.

We have had the early hedgie and quant adopters eavesdropping mostly, but a few participating on Stocktwits .

Since 2006 I have been banging the table about real time financial information from trusted sources. I am happy that my gut instincts are starting to attract mainstream financial acceptance.

With 16,000 analysts out of work the last few years and so few likely to find their way back into the banking world as it existed pre 2007, our heads at Stocktwits are spinning with feature sets that will match research and customers in real time.

I am not a huge sentiment fan as I would rather follow the best traders in and out of trades than worry what the community is doing as a whole. But as we get smarter at discovery and filtering, some fantastic algorithms will be developed and we are already working towards these products.

Look out above.


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