Stocktwits Platform Gets More Complete…Stocktwits Blackberry Application and Widgets are Live

For Blackberry and Stocktwits enthusiasts we have our Blackberry app live so take a tour and download (model 8130 or higher for now) . It runs off our own API and all tagged $ tweets are now fully streaming in the app.

Our customizable widgets are also live

It’s exciting to be pushing products and features out to the financial niche of real-time. We are a nutty and passionate bunch of stock idea people who have taken the $ stock tagging idea past our initial wildest dreams.

We have been racing to build out our own on-ramps to real-time sharing as the financial niche is different than most. I love Twitter, but it is just one form of real-time sharing. Stocktwits is not a Twitter only application/platform. We push TO and pull FROM Twitter if you tag with $(ticker) or $$

The API is available so hit us up if you have some financial apps to build and maybe we just partner on some good ideas.


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