Stocktwits Raises Series C Round

We have closed a fresh round of funding with our existing investors led by Foundry and True Ventures.

Though we have plenty of capital, we have plenty of things on our to-do list. We have also had the privilege of getting wiser about what people want and need. It felt like the right time to push harder.

I am lucky to have investors who believe in the social vertical of finance and I guess me. Thanks to our hard core contributors and community for making this possible as well.

On the business side of Stocktwits, the data we are starting to see is rich and interesting. We are focused on doing a better job of turning this data inside out so our users and even first timers can better see what people are talking about on the fringes at any given moment. We have found that IR departments would like to be part of our pages and we are working on some great social media solutions across multiple platforms for them. There is also a big focus internally to help you get the Stocktwits streams, tickers and people, pushed to you in the format you are most comfortable consuming. By mid November you will see some pretty serious upgrades to your experience. Some new partnerships are in store as well.

As I mentioned last week, we are hiring. Please don’t assume your pay would be insanely better though with this fresh capital. It’s not that we are cheap, it’s just a recession :) .


  1. graubart says:

    Congrats, StockTwits team.
    Sounds like lots of good things to come. Looking forward to the data streams as you move towards becoming an integrated platform.

  2. graubart says:

    Congrats, StockTwits team.
    Sounds like lots of good things to come. Looking forward to the data streams as you move towards becoming an integrated platform.

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