Stocktwits Standing Ovations …Kimble Charting and Michael Bigger…Coffee and Plug Power…and The Stocktwits ‘Cashtag’ Awards

I continue to learn so much about investing and trading from the Stocktwits streams and community.

I love doing shoutouts, but sometimes, they are not enough. Some ideas deserve ‘standing ovations’ and I want to hand out a few.

Michael Bigger is a great investor. I have watched him on the streams for 5 years. He is patient and digs into just a few ideas a year.

Last year he started buying $PLUG. My dilemma is I don’t buy micro and small caps and I definitely hate talking about them if I do for fear of moving a market. My proxy for illiquid small cap investing is angel investing. It’s easier for me to get my head around the moving parts like the cap table and management. I can also promote them shamelessly at the product stage because there is no stock to worry about.

After Michael wrote this blog post in May 2013 I did buy it in the 40 cent range (disclosed it on stocktwits streams) and just watched. Today, the stock is at $3.60, and last month hit nearly $5. Not too shabby. I sold early as usual in the $2 area. Michael has continued to share his insights as he holds the stock through today. the stream has become rather wild and now one of the most talked about stocks in the community. Too noisy for me, but Michael remains bullish and it is easy to find him on Stocktwits.

Take a look at this chart starting in May 2013…well done Michael:

Another ‘standing ovation’ goes to my friend Chris Kimble. He is a wily veteran and I call his work ‘chart art’. He has a way of sharing ideas that make me want to participate. He is on Stocktwits all day as well.

He started talking about the coffee trade last year and I followed him into the public proxy of the commodity $JO. I have been discussing the investment/trade in real time on Stocktwits and my blog HERE.

Yesterday I sold. A 50 percent move in 30 days is one of those rare wins for me. It was counter to my natural style of investing and I would not have made the investment or held it without the coaching of Chris in real time. Chris has been sharing unique sentiment ‘chart art’ using data from all over including Stocktwits that helped him manage the trade. Here is one of those charts today:

100% bulls at the top in $SBUX wonder if sentiment ever matters? Right before $JO rallies 48%

— Chris Kimble (@KimbleCharting) Feb. 19 at 10:41 AM

He has harvested some gains, I am out completely.

I plan to give out standing ovations more often in 2014 and I have been planning the Stocktwits ‘Cashtag’ awards which at some point this year will become a reality for the people that share money making ideas around the web using the Stocktwits ‘Cashtag’.

Stay Tuned.


  1. jon knight says:

    Howard, this is one of the reasons I love Stocktwits so much, being able to learn from guys like these. Bigger is one of the best. Was with him part of the way through $PLUG and should have stayed with him. Alas, I also am skittish at the high end and tend to bail early with my gains.

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