Stocktwits -The Year in Markets – and 2016 Predictions

I asked my friends at Tubemogul ($TUBE – Software for Brand Advertising) to sponsor the Stocktwits year in video page. I than asked Lindsay Campbell to work with our team to make a year end video that covered as much of the markets through November in as short a period of time.

Stocktwits is a pulse of the markets. Millions of messages from tens of thousands of people that love stocks are shared each year and as granular as the site and stream can get, it is important to step back out and see what were the big events.

We also wanted to spend the next month getting #2016guesses from anyone that wants to share them so that next year we can expand upon this idea. We built this page to make it easy to search and come back for reference later in the year.

I am excited about the markets in 2016. Investors have more research at their fingertips and tools to execute. Commodities have crashed and Facebook has soared. The government thinks Apple is avoiding taxes. Google and $UBER are in a race for autonomous cars. We had the first rate hike in 10 years.

Our #Stocktoberfest man on the streets had more mentions of Tesla as the first Trillion dollar company and nobody thought it would be Amazon.

Thanks to team Stocktwits and Tubemogul for helping put this together.

StockTwits 2015 Year in Review from StockTwits on Vimeo.


  1. Dan Emmons says:

    No mention of bitcoin being up 40%? $BTCUSD $BCOIN — here’s one: new all time highs, to $10,000 / #bitcoin

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