StockTwits’ Top 10 Trending Tickers for February

What a month for the bulls. The Stocktwits streams were pulsing with momentum names old and new. You should not fight the tape and our streams did little of that. We kept it simple and on point. Below are the month’s most trending tickers.

1. $AAPL – Another month, another all-time high for Apple as the excitement for ipad 3 and the positive mood in the market have been unstoppable catalysts. Apple is up 4,500% since it first made an all-time high 10 years ago. If $AAPL goes to $1000 this year, @ivanhoff will get a tattoo of its logo on one arm and one of James Altucher on his other.(I am long)

2. $CL_F – Oil, Oil, Oil…black gold…Texas tea. Oil makes the world go around. Oil rose 13% in February and rightfully became one of the hottest tickers on StockTwits. I am watching it closely, because even if you are not interested in oil, oil is interested in you.

3. $ZNGA – If I had invested when I could and held, my stake today would be north of $30 million. When Max finds out, I am screwed.

4. $GLD – the most loved and the most hated asset class in the universe and probably the most misunderstood too. Gold is a religion and a universally accepted store of value. I don’t know the fair price of gold. It has been in a massive uptrend for the past 10 years. During inflationary periods (of money at least), there will be many asset classes that outperform gold. Software and the web remain my go to industries.

5. $LNKD – it is already an $8 billion company, which is gradually shaping as the most powerful recruitment and networking service. Monster Worldwide used to be $7 Billion company in 2007 and it wasn’t even a leader in the recruitment field. At this point of time, LinkedIn is a great story stock. The market is looking at the future potential, not at the current earnings. Recent small acquisitions including Rapportive and CardMunch are so very sneaky smart. I am using Linked in more and more every day. So will you be.

6. $VVUS – it tries to cure the mankind’s two biggest menaces – erectile disfunction and obesity. It doubled in February and rightfully attracted the attention of the StockTwits stream. I believe that investing in biotech stocks brings more sweat and burns more calories than a run on the beach. Congrats to many on the stream who have been long this sock for over a year.

7. $CSTR – the old fashioned version of Netflix surprised most everyone by beating the estimates in February. Just as it was written off, it gapped to new 52-week highs. It even signed a contract with Verizon for distribution.

8. $CRM is the Facebook of Corporations. In one strange twist though, Corporations must actually pay for the products. It is among the most targeted stocks by short-sellers, despite the serial frustration it has brought. One day, the institutions of the world will care about the metrics that only the shortsellers care about. That day is not here.

9. $RAX is Amazon without the low margin retail business and the logistic headaches of delivery and weather. It is a leader in cloud and the positive market sentiment has sent in to an all-time high February. It IPO-ed in the midst of the biggest financial crisis in August 2008 and it is up over 400% since. (I am long)

10. $PCLN – Priceline continues it’s vertical ascent and all-time highgs. It went up 11 times in the past 5 years alone, which is enough vacation money for life if you owned 100 shares. It is likely the most underowned and misunderstood of all the greatest stocks


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