Stocktwits Update

The combo of Stock Conversation using Twitter, a $ sign, and RSS is really getting interesting for us at .

It is now possible to subscribe to an rss feed for a particular stock or stocktwits user by using the tagging functionality of the stocktwits stream.

Stock Tagging
By clicking the links next to “Tagged with” under each chart posted to the stream, you can filter the stream to see all the tweets about a particular stock or user. In the example above the stream is filter to show all the tweets about BIDU.

Follow Individuals

Here is an example of filtering the stream so all of my tweets are displayed.

RSS Feature

by adding “/rss” as show above to any filtered view of the stream, you can have a custom RSS feed created. Using this method you can subscribe to all of the stocks on your watch list to make sure that you don’t miss any, or to follow all the tweets from any of the smart people currently using stocktwits.