StockTwits Updates…Welcome All New Subscribers

We have been growing super fast of late and will cross 40,000 subscribers today. We could not have done it without great early subscribers getting involved and spreading the word. Now with so many active subscribers doing the exact same thing, we are adding over 500 new subscribers a day…organically. We are grateful because it gives the team more time to work on new features and our own contributions to the community.

I try not to overthink the growth as I knew the financial niche would be a huge one for Twitter.

Today, Lance Armstrong tweeted :

But why is Twitter cool? It’s fast. It’s direct And most importantly it empowers the people. Never seen anything like it.

In the finance world, it’s quite apparent that the time is now. I love how with Stocktwits we can get a snapshot of what some of the best and brightest are saying at any moment in time. Here is a snapshot of the stream post Goldman’s earnings . I just don’t believe you could ever tap this knowledge base pre stocktwits. If you could, you could not get it in real time.

Today, we were featured again in Business Week – in a story called “Twitter’s Growing Ecosystem ‘:


We are very fortunate but we are not taking the popularity and growth for granted.

Most important to us despite the rapid growth, is our protection of the stream. We do have an etiquette policy that we hope people will continue to abide by . We continue to be very proactive about is SPAM . We all hate it and we all have different definitions, but Phil, Soren and I and some heavy users all helped us shape what we consider spam on our site. To start with, we eliminated all bulletin board stocks from being discussed here because you can go ANYWHERE on the web to talk about them. Here is the official policy for now and I believe it will continue to evolve.

I think we are being VERY FAIR. Let me explain how easy it is to get discovered on Stocktwits if you have talent. You post IDEAS. If your ideas are good, people will CLICK on your avatar. They can see everything you have said right on your TWITTER PAGE which can have ALL the ADVERTISING and LINKS you need. They will find you…trust me. If you can’t trust me or your own talent…you will get blocked from the stream!

Thanks again for all your support, especially considering the brutal stock markets.

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