Closes Angel Financing

Way to go Soren on your StockTwits financing.

I met Soren on my blog. He is a pesky commenter with great market insights and a love of the markets. He is a nerd yes, a minus, but a cool one with a biting sense of humor (plus, plus).

He knew I loved Twitter and had read my posts about Stocks/Finance and Twitter over a year ago (May 2007 to be exact ) and helped program some of the stuff on my brain and his. The idea has not changed much at all.

He asked me to pitch in and I did early and I have also contributed to the angel round. Roger Ehrenberg is also an angel as is my buddies and founders ( Andy and Landon Swan. I have worked on deals with Andy, Landon and Roger many times in the last few years so it makes it all the more fun and satisfying to keep doing it. We are also very excited to have the Betaworks team involved. I met John and Andrew on a different deal idea and we got to talking about StockTwits. They got it immediately and asked to be involved. Obviously, it’s great that they have such a good track record and were investors in Summize (acquired by Twitter) and two tools we rely on at StockTwits.

This will be fun.

Love to keep getting all your input as we build out a giant financial community from the inside out.

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