Andy and Landon at MyTrade have been on feature sets like this for community stock conversation.

The space has been wide open as Yahoo message board systems have been polluted and useless since 1998.

As tools get lighter, more accepted and distributed the time for true great stock conversation is at hand. Conversations that push the best, hottest, wrongest to their appropriate places in the conversation shuffle.

Gabe at techmeme always told me that a stockmeme was not possible. Stock bloggers don’t link and I imagine, even if we did, the real time issues would play a part as would tracking results.

Today, ReadWriteWeb is writing about a new app called TwitLinks: The Techmeme of Twitter . This is SOOO not for me. But, a TwitLinks for stocks on the other hand would be great.

Somone needs to get this fully organized already. I know MyTrade is very close, so I hope to see something like this soon so we an can trade in a ‘trusted’ community setting.