Stocktwits…Working The Social Leverage…Ringing The Closing Bell

I love Stocktwits and I live and breathe ‘Social Leverage’.

Today was one of those days where all the hard work pays off.

My job is fun. That’s a payoff each day I wake up. Investing in and running startups is not glamorous. As I write this Phil Pearlman is snoring next to me in the same bed in our SOHO office/apartment. The interns will be here at 7am, and my ambien has not kicked in at 2 am.

But oh what a day.

Mostly it was a demo day showing some cool people at Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal the new Stocktwits Desktop, but I got to step in with my friend Aaron Task at Yahoo Tech Ticker and do a few segments. I like how they turned out, even though I get calls from old friends after Tech Ticker shows that say I have let myself go.

The second:

Than it was off to The Nadaq Market Site to ring the closing bell with the Stocktwits team and 50 randomly picked community members that came from all over including Kentucky, Charlotte and Florida to participate. It was surreal for me to be ringing the closing bell and see myself and my friends up on the big screen in Times Square.

Here is the whole crew inside Nasdaq .

Here we are in the big lights in Times Square .

The after party was a blast and as it was one of those days where being an entrepreneur is the shizzle.

I hope you all get that feeling.

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