Stockwits and The (Mobile) Investor of the Future

A few days ago Stocktwits released it’s first native iOS app. Here it is please download it and try it.

Justin Paterno and Eric Alford led the charge on this and our new head of Product Dave Pinke pushed it over the goal line. Here is the blog post that outlines all the features that take advantage of all the goodies in iOS 8. I personally love the iOS ‘Today’ widget and iOS sharing options from anywhere into Stocktwits.

I could not sum up our vision of a modern investor any better than Justin (his full post is here):

For StockTwits this release represents an even deeper focus and commitment to mobile. While slower than the rest, mobile is starting to eat the financial world and we are seeing it in our key metrics as well. Over the past year, the percentage of our total audience attributed to mobile (both app and mobile web) has increased from 29% to 43%. The number of messages originating from mobile has increased from 14% to 30% of all messages. More striking, of our logged-in community members, 36% are mobile app-only — a 150% increase from last year.

At StockTwits, I spend a lot of my time thinking through and talking about what “the investor of the future will do” and it’s become quite clear to me the investor and trader of the future will be mobile. And that excites me. Here’s why.

Mobile investing will be much simpler

With advent of personal computing and the internet, investors and traders were given unprecedented access to data, news, and execution. The end result was the persona of a trader with 10 monitors, 20 proprietary indicators, and an overly complex process. This complexity has been advantageous for those that sell it and few disciplined and unique individuals but it has caused many others to lose both money and interest in the markets.

Mobile has no room for complexity. What spread across 20 screens on desktop can not fit on one small screen in your pocket. For investors and traders and those that build the products they use, this means focusing on what is important — which should simplify the investing and trading process for most people.

This is exciting because it changes the game for new entrants in the market and makes the potential market much larger. What worked on desktop, won’t work on mobile and those turned off by the overwhelming desktop experience will find new interest on mobile. This transition is starting to take place. Robinhood, a new mobile-only broker, has a waitlist of over 300K people for an app with simply a quote, a chart, and a free trade.

Mobile investing will be more social

I am always so fascinated when I see early-stage investing. People invest in other people and one investor will follow another into a deal based on trust that the he or she has done his or her research or really understands the opportunity. To me, this is how public market investing should be for most people. People share tips, talk about new companies that are interesting, and choose to follow others into ideas that resonate with them. Social platforms like StockTwits provide a unique, tailored place where investors and traders can do this anywhere, anytime, with anyone. That is powerful.

Stocktwits is a watering hole for traders and investors to talk stocks and share ideas with a goal of learning quickly and making money. As API’s in finance proliferate, Stocktwits wants the community to be at the center of it – directing, educating, mentoring and even trading.

We have a lot more product coming in 2015 as we refocus on mobile (Android 90 days away), reimagining a mobile markets frontpage, in app trading, notifications, our API, watchlists and elastic search.


  1. pointsnfigures says:

    Not sure about mobile and trading yet. I do know that it’s totally functional to get good information off mobile (ie Stocktwits stream). The days of the million screen trader are gone because in order to be successful trading, the trader has to slow time down. They can’t compete anymore on speed etc. See Virtu’s IPO announcement. 1458 days of trading, only one losing day. The structure is rigged against the independent trader today-so if mobile can get you better information and allow you to react the way you need to react to be successful it will work.

      • pointsnfigures says:

        yes, but I think there will be a tipping point. I don’t know what it will be, but it will happen sooner than we think. It might even take setting up a different kind of marketplace, with different access. Maybe even a specialized dark pool that avoids regulation-and sets up structure the right way-similar to IEX.

        • over my head but if you can put $1,000 to work in a startup by clicking a button you sure as sure should be able to buy stock in the way robinhood has launched and so thats still 3 years behind . shame on SEC and FINRA

          • pointsnfigures says:

            totally agree. SEC and FINRA no longer are there to protect consumers, they are there to protect incumbents from innovation.

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