Strategies and Tactics…Bake and Stir.

I have spent the last three weeks in Manhattan, shlepping the streets and the halls of banks and brokers helping to grow my portfolio.

I have not been very active in the markets, I back off when I know I can’t concentrate, but have been skimming away at the headlines.

Not a day goes by where the rotting in our financial institutions makes me cringe. The amount of banking layoffs that must be coming in the 4th quarter of this year will be staggering.

It is not enough.

The markets have been sold and sold and sold, but they don’t crash. It’s as I have called it since March 2009 – ‘The Inconceivable’ rally. I am so appreciative to have taken part in it. We will need a miracle for it to continue, but miracles happen.

Because I think it will take a miracle, I have been cautious and left money on the table. I have turned that into a strategy I can live with along with my limited partners and investors. They now expect that from me. If I hit a homerun they know I will look at them and just say we got lucky.

Strategies are not something you can pick out of thin air and just make your own. It takes time. You have to suffer defeats and you hopefully will have a few wins.

There are tactical ways to invest throughout your life where you chase the flavor of the day for your clients, but you will constantly be raising money from brand new faces at lower and lower fees to you.

I am grateful to have spent the hard time learning and now finding an overall strategy from the top down that is best for me and my partners. I wish that same success on everyone that reads my blog.


  1. Ricardo says:

    Regarding the term “unearned income” where does this lead us?
    Also, see

  2. IntelligentSpec says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Howard, I still think things will get much worse before they get better… I personally don’t get how anyone can trust a bank’s balance sheet these days

  3. Eddie Daroza says:

    I’ve noticed so much complaining about how everything is so bad out there right now and I absolutely think it’s 50% bullshit. For the first time in 3 years myself and my friends are all saving money and employed. You might have to be more vigilant in certain aspects, but it’s also super easy to get ahead. I just bought a car with an auto loan slightly higher then the rate of inflation! Yeah sucks for the banks

  4. William Mougayar says:

    So you’re optimistic amidst the bad signals. It’s good to hear but I sense cautioness in your thinking. I hope you’re right.

  5. falicon says:

    I love the concept of taking a win when it’s a win…and not worrying about it later if it becomes a bigger win. That’s a strategy that can def. put you in the hall of fame…and if nothing else keeps you active in the game MUCH longer…

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