Strategy After Amazon Disappointment…Sunshine is the NEW Water!

I am headed to New York for Wallstrip bizzzness. Will be light blogging until next week.

We will be getting some weakness finally in tech because the market is not happy with Amazon. Boo Hoo.

My fave tech into the weakness is software – GSIC, INFA, NUAN (another all-time high), CTXS, ADBE, VRSN, AMZN (oldie but a goodie kids). I am now putting RICK’s into internet software..because they must use software to track all the money they are making.

Global trading plays CME and IBKR are continuing to kick ass with IBKR being one of my faves

What can I say about my sweet baby Apple. Nothing to do here except hold and brag to strangers. If they read this blog they will toss out my RIMM sale as a reminder of my stupidity. Humbling.

First Solar powered above $150 and so Sun is the new Water. Just holding this. Tempted to take profits, but not yet.

Garmin, which was written off after the Nokia purchase of Navteq and down a quick 20 percent, is back at all-time highs two weeks later. Hope you are riding it and picked some up with me.

Disclsoure – I am long ’em all.


  1. Lawrence Chiu says:

    Is anyone else having a problem with Howard’s blog? I am using Firefox and he’s got so many widgets and gadgets on his blog that sometimes my browser hangs and the PC is completely unresponsive. The status bar usually says “Waiting for ” where it could be waiting for yelp, revver, golfnow, etc. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

  2. greenskeptic says:

    Long on First Solar.

    On China plays, what’s your thinking on China Sunergy (CSUN)?

    Good to see you in an alt-energy play. Should do a Wallstrip episode on the best clean tech opps.

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