I am a big fan of Seth Godin and yesterday he wrote about his writing streak. The gist:

Streaks are their own reward.

Streaks create internal pressure that keeps streaks going.

Streaks require commitment at first, but then the commitment turns into a practice, and the practice into a habit.

Habits are much easier to maintain than commitments.

I’m pretty sure that the blog would still have an impact if I missed a day here or there, but once a commitment is made to a streak, the question shifts from, “should I blog tomorrow,” to, “what will tomorrow’s blog say?”

I have a pretty good streak going on my blog.

Like Seth says, writing every day here has shifted my thinking to ‘what will tomorrow’s blog say’. Sometimes it comes to me quickly and other times I struggle for what I want to say.

Another streak I have is over on Stocktwits where everyday for the last 10 years I welcome 10-100 people on Stocktwits that sign up and follow me. When I was younger I loved the show Cheers and the way Sam Malone and Woody would welcome Norm each time he came into the the bar. I don’t keep track of the metrics and if my simple ‘welcome’ or ‘hello’ makes a difference to Stocktwits engagement, but I know it makes me feel good and I know that a lot of the people are not expecting it and our grateful for the hello based on the feedback.