Streetwear and The Rebirth of Good Marketing

I am fascinated by good product and good marketing.

I grew up with jingles and television commercials in my head.

‘Ho Ho Ho …Green Giant’

‘I’d love to be an Oscar Mayer Wiener…’

‘Plop Plop Fizz Fizz’

‘They’re Magically Delicious’ …I still love Lucky Charms!

In the era of the mobile phone and social networks it seemed like marketing and creativity had died. Twitter, Google, Facebook, Linked-In, Instagram, Whatsapp, Netflix and Amazon have never had to do much traditional marketing so it seemed like the art would be lost forever. I would argue that Twitter and Amazon have an ‘Uncreative Director’.

In 2019 though, it seems like we have turned a corner and marketing is back in vogue.

Sure, a brand can still explode on Instagram (Social Leverage is an investor in Manscaped which has done an incredibly creative job on Instagram with their ‘below the belt’ grooming products), but the art of creative product marketing across many platforms will continue to create mega brands now more than ever.

Of course Nike and McDonald’s still lead the way amongst the old guard because it is part of their original culture and DNA, but I am seeing so many more brands do a great job of integrating all forms of marketing to get their products over the hump.

Have you ever heard of Funko Toys? The ticker stream is incredibly popular on Stocktwits and the stock has done very well. Their creative director has been with them since the beginning. You will enjoy this story.

Ellen shared this piece on ‘Supreme‘ that I really enjoyed.

As software eats the world and everyone wants to start a software company, a next layer of creativity is set to explode that rides on softwares back but also lives on the streets to build trust and that special feeling in our hearts and minds.