Stripping on Wallstrip


We are an uptight country for one with such great freedoms. Not me. I am bullish on all things with ‘strip’ and ‘nude’ in their business model.

Problem is that it is tough to get institutional support for these businesses.

Institutions and the public prefer the ‘fully dressed’ bankers in Canali suits that go with the class acts at Goldman Sachs and the ultra clean ‘NEW’ Blue Chips like New Century and Enron.

Maybe times are changing, but not fast enough.

In the meantime, there are a few ‘SMUT’ plays in the public space that have been performing quite well – Rick’s Cabaret (RICK) and Lodgenet (LNET). Here is a look at Rick’s Google Finance page . I am sure Darden Restaurants (DRI) and Cheesecake Factory are pleased to be considered related Companies. I know I would sneak into those more often if indeed they were related :) .

I am getting long Rick’s and am eyeing Lodgenet. I am interested to see how Rick’s Cabaret manages to grow the business, especially based on what I learned from today’s Wallstrip .

Disclosure – Long RICK (oy!)


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