Subsriptions and Bundles Are The New Bonds In A Zero Interest Rate World.

My friend John Street Capital has an excellent post up titled ‘Recurring Revenue: The Rise of an Asset Class‘. He does a great job explaining that…

In a zero interest rate world, where tech & non-tech companies alike are pivoting their business models to subscription-based, it’s time for these assets to be treated & traded as such, unbundled from the rest of the capital structure

The FAANG stocks are ready for this zero interest rate world as they continue to focus on bundles. Ben Thompson has a timely piece on the 2020 bundles from the big tech and media companies.

Markets are evoloving rapidly post COVID.

I never thought SPAC’s would be a thing and I never thought I would want zero exposure to bonds.

Zero percent interest rates will continue to have unintended consequences in how companies and markets are structured.