Summer is here and that means Toronto…

I am hoping everyone has a great summer. Off to Toronto to take my daughter Rachel, sweet little Rachel, to her first summer camp experience.

The summer in Northern Ontario is one of the great experiences of my life and the tradition will be carried on by my kids.

My posts will likely take on a different look – more fun video and pictures of good times and less market talk.

The markets could be quiet and I expect any noise to be to the downside. In the end, rates continue to rise and the rallies have been pathetic off last month’s weakness.

I expect a nasty fall battle in the primaries with lots of uncertainties so likely we fall late summer heading into the usual fall misery. Rates still drift up so that should keep a lid on rallies. I think the Fed is ready to ease starting soon IF they have to so Gold and metals will rally at some point, maybe past 700 bucks.

GPS, and Internet services are the only segments I am looking at and I own Guns and Pawn shops as they are at new highs.

Pretty much laying low and trying to enjoy the family and work on some GolfNow projects for the summer.