My summer starts next week.

Yes…I am lucky.

My work life is in Gmail, Google Docs and my iPhone.

In Phoenix, summer started a month ago when it started crossing 100 degrees daily. I am already sick of it.

When we moved back to Phoenix from Coronado a couple years ago, part of the deal I concocted with Ellen was to spend a month in Europe (part of May and June), summers in Coronado and the fall in New York.

Next weekend we go as a family to Tuscany to start the summer. A couple of my nephews are joining us and Rachel is bringing a friend.

From Tuscany we will go to Dublin for a few days as I am going to speak at Money 20/20 (June 12-13). Max and I will get a few rounds of golf with friends and Max can experience some real links golf.

I am excited to be going to Aspen as well for the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in mid July. I have never been in Aspen in the summer.

If you want to break into our home while we are gone, you will be disappointed because we live light. Please do feed the dogs though and don’t mess with the air conditioner.

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