Sunday Listen – Gavin Baker and Patrick O’Shaughnessy ….Is Growth Dead ?

I am on my way to Florence and Tuscany.

We just landed in Zurich which is a wonderful airport.

Yesterday I listened to Patrick O’s podcast with Gavin Baker. Gavin is one of my favorite technology investor follows and reads. You can follow him on Twitter here. I believe we share only one seed investment in Koyfin.

Like a lot of growth managers, 2021 was terrible for Gavin and 2022 is no better.

Back in January he had this conversation with Patrick that covered a lot of his thoughts looking ahead, including internet, software and semiconductor stocks and the disconnect between private and public markets. It is excellent.

If you enjoy investing you will learn a lot and get some great ideas. You can listen right here.

I hope to be on my bike later this afternoon in Tuscany and am looking forward to a week mostly off the grid.

Have a great Sunday.