Sunday Listens – The Anti-Conglomerate

Good morning everyone.

I had a great ride yesterday and have a long morning ride with my regular Sunday group this morning.

The weather in Phoenix continues to be perfect. There was no winter.

In a couple weeks I head on the road for most of April and May. I am calling it the cycling and crypto meets fintech and falafel tour. New York, Tuscany, Tel Aviv, Miami, South Carolina, Mallorca, London, Bahamas.

I should get a feel for how the rest of the world is working and investing post COVID.

This week I wanted to share just one read and it is a great one…’Minsky Moments in Venture Capital‘. My friend Ameet shared it with me.

On the audio side, Patrick had a great podcast with Joey Levin of IAC on building the ANTI conglomerate.

Just a reminder also that every Friday, my friend Tadas at Abnormal Returns does a business podcast roundup of his favorite and most listened to podcasts of the week. You can subscribe free as welcome.

Have a fun Sunday.